About Us

Indoor cycling sessions and events with Rave And Ride instructors and DJ's, were born out of a passion of dance music, sport, and to promote charity events originally involved in the £100K challenge. This was pledged to the Motor Neurone Disease Association 22 years ago, by entrepreneur Steven Smith, who lost his mum Genifer, to MND.

Rave and Ride's May 2016 event  at Stoke Park, Europe’s leading Five Star Hotel, Spa and Country Club, saw two Guinness World Records™ awarded as individuals and teams of indoor cyclists came together for an all-day sponsored ride with music provided by some of the biggest  and best International DJs.World Record holders

The event raised over £30,000 and pushed the Rave And Ride 20 year fundraising total to over £158,000, helping the MNDA to fund a fellowship, based at the MND Care and Research Centre at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital.

Continuing his never ending fundraising events, Steven's total is now £175,000 and he is gearing up for his push to £180,000 in 2020