FAQ Guinness World Record


Q. Does sound a great event but expensive if I want to do both records?
A. While it may seem expensive, that figure has VAT in that price and apart from the goodies (high quality medal, and Tech T Shirt) we also have 8 DJ's, a full lighting rig, sound, projection, effects and staging coming in. In addition we have a mini outdoor festival environment being created as well. 

Q. The Secret Record? sounds serious, do I have to be a super fit cyclist for this?
A. NO. You will be required to ride for short periods of time. Anyone with a good level of fitness, Spinning®, indoor cycling will be able to do this.

Q. Do you have to be a cyclist or can you do this for fun?
A. NO. The 8 hour is all about team fun. There will be lots of instructors on hand to help with bike setup and keep you safe during the event.

Q. What are they actually doing? Probably a stupid question!
A. We are doing two Guinness World Records. The first is a team event of 3 people for 1 hour. The second the main event is all about raising the most amount of money for the MND Association in a 8 hour indoor cycling and spinning event with music played by some of the top DJ's in the music industry.

Q. How much are you looking to raise for the charity.
A. On the day we hope to raise in excess of £100,000.