Who We Support


The passion for Rave And Ride came from the death of one of the founders parents from motor neurone disease (also known as ALS & Lou Gerhig's disease)

Initially Steven decided to raise a £100k for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, and 24 years later continues in his journey. This money rasied so far has been used for research, equipment and to provide a better quality of life, for people struck down by this terrible disease. Life expectancy after the first onset of symptoms is just two-five years.

The cause is unknown and there is no known cure.

After passing the £100,000 figure in September 2014, a decision was made to fund a fellowship at the University of Oxford under the supervision of Professor Kay Davies.

His project will study further the function of the Oxr1 gene and its protein product and explore the hypothesis that increasing the levels of protein could provide therapeutic benefit in ALS (MND).

The projects key aims are:

1. Investigate the way in which levels of Oxr1 expression are naturally controlled, and how interventions might alter this.

2. Study of the importance of the Oxr1 protein in various ALS (MND) models, including iPSC-derived motor neurons and the various mouse models being developed elsewhere at Oxford

3. Use of a recently developed mouse model to study how motor neurons are affected when Oxr1 is switched off in vivo.

Please help us to fund this project. We require at least a futher £60,000 over the next 3 years.